What is a RONIN REBEL?

Painting of samurai by Kuniyasu Utagawa.


History of the Ronin.
Ronin, pronounced [ˈrōnən], were once samurais during the feudal period of Japan from 1185-1868. The Ronin became master-less from the death of their master, resulting in their status as the “wave man”. Wave men were socially adrift, set apart from society and considered dangerous by the shogunate. The Ronin, defying rules, used their swords as mercenaries. Some have joined the other side of the law, becoming part of organized crime.

Tale of the 47 Ronin

The most famous story in history are the 47 Ronin. During the Tokugawa era, Japan was entirely ruled by the shogun, or shogunate. The highest military official, the emperor, controlled the daimyo, or regional lords. Each daimyo had protection from samurai under the code of bushido “the way of the warrior”. Whether it be death or fear, loyalty must be to their master. The 47 Ronin, after the death of their master, stayed alive to the very moment of avenging their master’s unjust death, before ultimately committing seppuku.



What is a Ronin Rebel?

We, as Ronin Rebels, embody the fearlessness of the former samurai, while never serving a master in the first place. We are our own master, in control of our own destiny. Not conforming to one place or person, the Ronin Rebel is ultimately a wanderer, but never lost in their path to enlightenment. In the modern age, our community is built from individuals who believe in nonconformity, going against tradition, and finding a new path to become something greater.


Whether it be life or hard task, remember: We are wandering, but never lost. A RONIN REBEL.



Awesome background to the brand. It’s nice to associate meaning and history to something as simple the clothes you wear.


Awesome post. Samurai represent discipline and The Ronin Rebels were a prime example of how discipline and mastery of self can lead one to break the mold and shape their own life. This made me think of Dan Carlin’s hardcore history podcasts series “Supernova in the East” which talks about feudal Japan and the value system of samurais. The Ronin are a great lesson in history and great message for this clothing brand!


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